Welcome To Gulf Kist Seed,    

  Sod, and Mulch

Welcome To Gulf Kist

Gulf Kist products are proudly created from the finest sources and brought to you across the gulf coast of the Southeast United States. The Gulf Kist Team is dedicated to providing premium seed, mulch, and sod products.

Gulf Kist Seed

Centipede seed originated a century ago in China. Gulf Kist now brings Centipede Seed to you. Gulf Kist is a member of the Southern Seed Association. Centipede has proven itself to be the best all around lawn grass for most sections of the South... particularly the Southeast. In essence, Gulf Kist Century™ Centipede Seed with Bio-Kote is The Centipede Grass Seed...From the Far East to the Southeast. Gulf Kist Centipede Seed is produced by Woerner Turf™, an industry leader in turf grass production for generations. All Centipede sod grown on Woerner Turf™ farms is Gulf Kist Century™ Centipede Seed with Bio-Kote. Click here to find out more about Gulf Kist Seed products.

Gulf Kist Mulch

Gulf Kist Mulch is dedicated to producing premium quality cypress blend natural and colored mulch for all your mulching needs. Gulf Kist Mulch is available in red, black, brown, and natural in either 2 cubic foot bags or in bulk. Click here to find out more about Gulf Kist Mulch products.

Gulf Kist Sod

Here at Gulf Kist Sod we take great pride in providing premium grade "A" sod for the Central and South Florida Areas. We specialize in "Classic" St. Augustine, "Floratam" St. Augustine, Registered Tif-419 Bermuda, Certified Bermuda 419, and Zoysia. Click here to find out more about Gulf Kist Sod products.